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Course Requirements

Minor in Environmental Science students must complete a minimum of 18 credits (9 core credits, 9 elective credits)
Core Courses (9 Cr)
ENV200*   Introduction to Environmental Science (3 Cr)
ENV 402/CIE525   Environmental Policy and Management (3 Cr)  
ENV422/CIE522   Environmental Impact Assessment (3 Cr)
Elective courses (9 Cr)
CHM340*   Environmental chemistry (3 Cr)
BIO203**   Introduction to Ecology (3Cr)
CIE424 Water Distribution and Treatment (3 Cr)
CIE426 Wastewater Collection and Treatment (3 Cr)
CIE 520   Solid Waste Management (3 Cr)
CIE585   Risk and Natural Hazard Management (3 Cr)
ENV423*   Environmental Microbiology (3 Cr)
ENV426 Environmental Remediation (3 Cr)
ENV427*   Environmental Physics (3 Cr)
**May replace ENV200 for engineering students only. Also, it can be substituted with BIO 331 (Ecology) for biology students.   CIE course are considered as CIE technical electives for civil engineering students.

* Courses Not Offered for the Past Two Years

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