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Course schedule

To satisfy the requirements for the M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a specific concentration or emphasis, the student is required to complete one of the following options.

Infrastructure and Construction Management

Requires at least:

Environmental Science, Engineering and Management

Requires at least:

Engineering Mechanics

Requires at least:

The remaining courses may be taken from any graduate program of the School of Engineering, or any approved graduate course offered by LAU (business, international affairs, biology, toxicology, chemistry, and computer science).

It is recommended that the remaining courses be in the thesis area (if a thesis option is selected) and in consultation with the academic advisor.

Course offerings in a specific concentration area are contingent on adequate enrollment in that area.


1. Engineering Mechanics

Number Course Cr
CIE701 Finite Element Methods 3
CIE704 Case Histories in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering 3
CIE705* Computational Hydraulics 3
CIE706* Structural Dynamics 3
CIE707* Earthquake Engineering 3
CIE708* Applied Elasticity 3
CIE709 Advanced Concrete Design 3
CIE710 Pre-stressed Concrete Design 3
CIE711 Pavement Design 3
CIE712* Design of Hydraulic Structures 3
CIE714 Advanced Structural Analysis for Gravity and Lateral Loads 3
CIE716 Advanced Steel: Design and Behavior 3

2. Environmental Science, Engineering and Management

Number Course Cr
CIE720 Solid Waste Management 3
CIE721 Hydrology 3
CIE722 Environmental Impact Assessment 3
CIE723* Water Resources Planning and Management 3
CIE724* Air Quality Management 3
CIE725* Geo-environmental Engineering 3
CIE726* Unit Operations of Water Treatment Systems 3
CIE727* Unit Operations of Wastewater Treatment Systems 3
CIE728* Fate and Transport of Pollutants in the Environment 3
CIE729* Hydrogeology 3
CIE730 Irrigation and Drainage 3
CIE731* Urban Water Resources 3
CIE732* Advanced Environmental Engineering 3
CIE733* Groundwater Engineering 3

3. Infrastructure and Construction Management

Number Course Cr
CIE761 Traffic Engineering 3
CIE 782 Infrastructure Management 3
CIE784 Quality Management Systems 3
CIE785 Risk and Natural Hazard Management 3
CIE786* Highway Design and Management 3
CIE787* Concrete and Steel Construction 3
CIE 788 GIS and Remote Sensing 3
CIE789 Cost Engineering and Control 3
CIE790 Construction Methods 3
CIE791* Project Scheduling 3
CIE792* Project Contracting 3

4. Other Courses

Number Course Cr
CIE799 Special Topics Course 3
CIE 891* Project course 3
CIE 899 Thesis 6

* Courses Not Offered for the Past Two Years

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