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Marc Haddad

Research interests

Selected publications

  1. Haddad, M. G., Mansour, C. J., & Afif, C. (2017) Future Trends and Mitigation Options for Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a Developing Country of the Middle East Region: a Case Study of Lebanon’s Road Transport Sector. Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 1-14.
  2. Mansour, C. J., & Haddad, M. G. (2017). Well-to-wheel assessment for informing transition strategies to low-carbon fuel-vehicles in developing countries dependent on fuel imports: A case-study of road transport in Lebanon. Energy Policy107, 167-181.
  3. Haddad, M. G., Zouein, P. P., Salem, J., & Otayek, R. (2016). Case Study of Lean in Hospital Admissions to Inspire Culture Change. Engineering Management Journal28(4), 209-223.
  4. Haddad, M., Mansour, C., & Stephan, J. (2015, March). Unsustainability in emergent systems: A case study of road transport in the Greater Beirut Area. In 2015 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM), pp. 1-10. IEEE.
  5. Haddad, M., & Bozdogan, K. (2009, July) Knowledge Integration in Large-Scale Organizations and Networks: Conceptual Overview and Operational Definition. Working Paper.
  6. Haddad, M. (2007, April) Knowledge integration for technical problem solving in complex aerospace systems development: the case of military avionics. In MIT Lean Aerospace Initiative Plenary Conference on “Enterprise Transformation: Closing the Gap between Knowledge and Implementation”. Cambridge, MD.

Academic degrees

PhD in Technology Management and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2008)
MS in Transportation Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (1998)
MS in Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (1993)
BE in Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (1992)
Minor in Composites Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (1992)

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