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IME students’ participation in CAD ‘10

Posted November 25, 2010

Written by student Jana Fattouh

Four students from the CAD/CAM class of fall 09 worked on four different papers to present them to the CAD '10 conference. The three mechanical engineering students (Fady Barakat, Najwa Sahmarani and Antoine Skayem) and I, Jana Fattouh, industrial engineering student, worked hard on our papers for the whole semester and finally managed to get accepted to present our work in the CAD '10 international conference and exhibition in Dubai, UAE, June 21–25, 2010. This experience was enriching on both the academic and personal levels; “we got to meet and share knowledge with most of the big names in the field of CAD,” as Antoine said. Moreover, “we did not realize our big achievement until we attended the conference in Dubai and discovered that all the other participants ranged anywhere from doctorate candidates to professors, and to veterans in the field of CAD,” as Fady mentioned. In conclusion, I thought that this journey made us proud of ourselves, our professors, our department, and especially of LAU.

From left: Jana Fattouh (Industrial), Toni Skayem (Mechanical), Dr. Ramy Harik, Fady Barakat (Mechanical), and Najwa Sahmarani (Mechanical).

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