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Hosting “Mister F1” Nadim Mehanna

Posted January 26, 2011

On January 13, 2011, the Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Department hosted "Mister F1," Nadim Mehanna (automotive engineer), in the Engineering Auditorium. The event extended for two hours, starting at 12:00 noon. After being introduced by the ASME chapter, Mr. Mehanna started his presentation with a briefing about himself and his career. He then showed the students a Super car video to shift them from the auditorium to the tracks, where he then spoke about cars, motoring in general, road safety, and latest innovations, and explained to the students about modern Formula 1 and its high tech, using various illustrative and vibrant videos and graphics. After the presentation, there was an extensive Q&A, whereby the students asked Mr. Mehanna all their questions. Then, there was a visit to the IME labs, where Mr. Mehanna checked the students’ designs of Formula 1 cars; he gave them his remarks and provided them with pictures and graphics to inspire their designs.

Nadim Mehanna during the seminar.

LAU community captivated by
Mehanna’s lecture.

CAD/CAM student Georges Rahal discussing with
Mehanna his Formula 1 car design on CATIA V5.

CAD/CAM class students showing their class projects to Mehanna

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