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Department of Civil Engineering

Course Requirements


Students must complete 19 credits: 10 core credits and 9 elective credits. Only ten transfer credits can be used toward a minor in the Department of Civil Engineering, and they must be equivalent to courses in the minor. Transfer courses are subject to review by the minor coordinator and subject matter expert. Prerequisite substitutions for non-civil engineering students are subject to review and approval by the Minor Coordinator.

Core Courses (10 Cr.)   

CIE 480/INE 428 Civil Engineering Management Fundamentals (3Cr)
CIE 485 Construction Planning and Scheduling(3Cr)
CIE 486 Construction Planning and Scheduling – SOFT (1 Cr)
CIE 587/ACC 203 Construction Cost Engineering(3Cr)

Elective Courses (9 Cr.)3

ACC 204 Managerial Accounting (3Cr)
CIE 304 Construction Materials (3Cr)
CIE 582 Infrastructure Management (3Cr)
CIE 583 Sustainable Construction (3Cr)
CIE 585 Risk and Natural Hazard Management (3Cr)
CIE 586/INE 506 Construction Decisions under Uncertainty4 (3Cr)
CIE 588 Construction Estimating I (3Cr)
CIE 589 Construction Methods and Equipment (3Cr)
CIE 593 Construction Safety (3Cr)
INE 320 Engineering Economy5 (3Cr)
1 Industrial and Mechanical Engineering students may replace CIE480 with INE428
2Non Engineering students can replace CIE587 with ACC203 Financial Accounting
3Other courses can be counted as elective courses upon the approval of the Minor Coordinator
4 Industrial and Mechanical Engineering students may replace CIE586 with INE506
5 Non Engineering students can replace INE320 with FIN301 Managerial Finance


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