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The graduate industrial engineering program consists of 30 credit hours and leads to a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (Emphasis in Engineering Management).

The degree requirements are:

The remaining courses may be taken from any of the following concentrations areas:

CA_1: Optimization

Number Course Cr
INE700 Advanced Statistics 3
INE701* Linear Programming 3
INE702* Integer Programming 3
INE703* Dynamic Programming 3
INE704* Stochastic Processes 3
INE705* Non-linear Programming 3
INE706 Decision Analysis 3
INE707 Network Flow 3
INE708* Queuing Theory and Applications 3
INE709* Advanced Stochastic Processes 3
INE711 Advanced Simulation 3
INE810 Special Topics in Optimization 3

CA_2: Production systems and manufacturing

Number Course Cr
INE742 Quality Control 1 3
INE743* Reliability Evaluation of Engineering Systems 3
INE744 Inventory Analysis 3
INE745* Facilities Planning and Layout 3
INE746* Materials Handling 3
INE748 Machine Scheduling 3
INE749* Transportation and Supply Chain Systems 3
INE761* Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing 3
INE762* Analysis of Automated Manufacturing Systems 3
INE763* Advanced Information Technology for Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering 3
INE764* Time Series Control & Process Adjustment 3
INE840 Special Topics in Production Systems & Manufacturing 3
INE840B Lean Manufacturing 3
INE840C Supply Chain Management 3
INE840D Intro. to System Dynamics 3
INE840E Intro. to System Analysis 3

CA_3: Infrastructure and construction management

Number Course Cr
CIE761 Traffic Engineering 3
CIE760 Transportation Engineering II 3
CIE785 Risk and Natural Hazard Management 3
CIE786* Highway Design and Management 3
CIE787* Concrete and Steel Construction 3
CIE788 GIS and Remote Sensing 3
CIE790 Construction Methods 3
INE721/CIE789* Cost Engineering and Control 3
INE722/CIE782* Infrastructure Management 3
INE724/CIE784 Quality Management Systems 3
INE727 Project Scheduling 3
INE729 Project Contracting 3
INE820 Special Topics in Infrastructure & Construction Management 3

CA_4: Finance and economics

Number Course Cr
ECO811 Business Economics 3
ACC821 Financial Accounting 3
FIN836 Modern Portfolio Management 3
FIN837 International Business 3
FIN861 Financial Management 3
INA831 International Political Economy 3
INE771* Financial Engineering 3
INE772* Advanced Financial Engineering 3
INE781* Engineering Economy II 3
INE870* Special Topics in Finance & Economics 3

CA_5: Software

Number Course Cr
CSC623 Knowledge-Based Systems 3
CSC624 Data Mining 3
CSC450 Computer Graphics 3
CSC647 Parallel Algorithms and Programming 3
COE741/CSC460 Artificial Intelligence 3
COE752/CSC611 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
CSC714 Heuristic Optimization 3

Other courses

Number Course Cr
INE800 Project Course 3
INE801 Special Topic Courses 3
INE899* Thesis 6

* Courses Not Offered for the Past Two Years


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