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Below are completed / current and proposed undergraduate research topics. Students who are interested in any of the listed topics are encouraged to contact the project’s supervisor.

Completed / Current

Autonomous Robotic Manipulation: Real-time, Deep-Learning Approach for Grasping of Unknown Objects

​Students: Malak Sayour, Sharbel kozhaya

Advisor: Dr. Samer Saab

Data Deduplication in Connected Environments using Fuzzy Logic

Students: Silvana Yakhni

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli and Dr. Elio Mansour

Threshold Based Relay Selection for Buffer-Aided Cooperative Relaying Systems

Students: Sawsan El-Zahr

Advisor: Dr. Chadi Abou Rjeily

Software Design and Implementation of Mirrored Dendrograms Data Visualization Tool

Topic Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli
Students: Abdulkader Fatouh and Angela Moufarrej


Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

Pre-processing techniques for end-to-end trainable RNN-based conversational AI

Students: Hussein Maziad and Julie-Ann Rammouz
Collaborator: Dr. Boulos El Asmar, BMW Group

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

Simulating Weather Events on a Real World Map Using Unity 3D Engine

Student: Heba Harb

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

Fast, Simple, and Effective Frequency-based Text Classification

Student: Joseph Attieh

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

Integrated Knowledge Graphs for Outdoor Environmental 3D Simulator

Student: Hamza Noueihed

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

Unsupervised Multi-label Region-based Image Annotation

Student: Clara Akiki

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

Cluster-based Organization of Documents using Corpus-based Text Analysis

Student: Sarkis Sarkissian

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

Analysis of the smart grid’s transient behavior in detecting cyber-physical attacks

Student: Charbel El Chemali

Advisor: Dr. Harag Margossian

An Overview of Professionalism in Engineering: An Undergraduate Course

Student: Mohammad Al Abbas

Advisor: Dr. Samer Saab

An IoT Guider System for Visually Impaired Students

Student: Karim Salhab

Advisor: Dr. Zahi Nakad

Maximizing DGs hosting capacity in active distribution network

Student: Jneid Jneid

Advisor: Dr. Harag Margossian

Impact of delay attacks on the Phasor Measurement Units

Student: Elias Chdid

Advisor: Dr. Harag Margossian

Impact of Relay Traffic on the Performance of Relayassisted FSO Systems: The Single Relay Case

Student: Charbel Al Helyael

Advisor: Dr. Wissam Fawaz and Dr. Chadi Abou Rjeily

Bee Colony Optimization in High-Level Synthesis

Student: Anthony Yaghi

Advisor: Dr. Iyad Ouaiss

MUsical Sentiment-Based Composition (MUSC)

Student: Ralph Abboud

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

A Prototype for Semantic Querying and Evaluation of Textual Data

Student: Christian G. Kallas 

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

Lexical Information-based Sentiment Analysis 2.0

Student: Mireille Fares

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli


There are no proposed research projects.


Depthwise Separable Convolutions and Variational Dropout within the context of YOLOv3

Students: Joseph Chakar, Rayan Al Sobbahi 

Advisor: Dr. Joe Tekli

PIN prototype for Intelligent Nutrition Assessment and Meal Planning

Advisor: George Salloum (student), Elie Semaan (student), and (advisor) Joe Tekli

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