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A Voice-Controlled Mobile User Interface and Emergency System for Visually Impaired University Students

Visually impaired university students encounter numerous issues during their campus life as a significant portion of Universities are not equipped utilities that would help these students in time of need or emergencies. In this paper, we propose a stand-alone voice-controlled to address this issue. The proposed system aims to present the student with access instructors’ and departments’ information, office location and availability, in addition to an emergency system that can be triggered in case of a fire alarm or if he/she are facing any difficulty. We discuss in this paper the main components of the system with focus on the student application’s Onboarding process where the user first enters his/her information and is familiarized with the features of the system, the search engine based voice recognition process and the positioning algorithm used in the emergency system. We also describe the results of a user evaluation field test that was performed. Report in pdf

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