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An Overview of Professionalism in Engineering: An Undergraduate Course

The current demands of the engineering job market are constantly influx, as the skillset required by an engineer in modern times is constantly revised and updated to reflect the current values of the time. We can see the curriculum falling short to address or incorporate those changes, this is especially true regarding professional and soft skills. With ABET revisiting and reforming its student outcomes to emphasize further on the need for professional skills to be integrated into the curriculum, the market place demanding reform in the quality of engineers produced by the educational institutes and the consistent change in what describes the current skillset of an engineer.
This paper proposes the introduction of a novel three-credit course to bridge the gap between all three parties. This course is not taught in the traditional format, it relies the creation of an environment that emulates that of an industry team, whereby students will experience controversial topics allowing them to learn professional skills through firsthand experience. The course is designed in such a way it would expose students to teaming, professionalism and ABET’s requirements while simultaneously embedding communication, presentation and public speaking skills through presenting various projects and assessments. In order to illustrate the effectiveness of this course, a survey is conducted on both students who have and have not taken the course. Report in pdf

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