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Largest photovoltaic plant connected to medium voltage network in Jordan

AYLA Oasis Development Co. (OASIS) built a PV Power plant in an available area of around 33,000 m² at the premises of Ayla resort in Aqaba, Jordan, with the purpose of supplying green energy to the load demand of the Project. The PV Power Plant consists of thin film photovoltaic panels composed of photovoltaic cells, AC-DC inverter, the necessary cabling, control systems and protection system, as well as the appropriate facilities for monitoring, operating and maintaining the plant. The PV power plant is designed to maximize the supply of Ayla project’s electrical Loads and especially to feed Ayla seawater replenishment system, which transfers seawater from the red sea to the project’s artificial lagoons.

The plant was designed by and built under the supervision of Dr. Raymond Ghajar.

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