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Simulating Weather Events on a Real World Map Using Unity 3D Engine

Throughout the last few decades, simulation modeling has gain importance in many application domains, from engineering, to manufacturing, transportation, and environmental studies. One of the key technological breakthroughs is introducing 3D simulation modeling technology into the design process. This approach has been shown effective and practical in systems testing, and process visualization, and has helped significantly reduce application developed time. In this research paper, we aim to build and design a Virtual Outdoor Environmental 3D Simulator, to replicate and measure the real outdoor environmental events in a real and vivid 3D visualizations. We use the Unity 3D Engine to build and design the virtual sensors and the overall simulator, integrating a weather API and the Mapbox (SDK) for realistic real world weather mapping. We examine and discuss the overall simulator’s functionalities and features offered, especially those of the virtual sensors’ measurements relative to the occurring weather conditions. Results are extremely promising.  Report in pdf


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