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Impact of applied voltage on methane production and microbial activity in anaerobic digesters in the presence of granular activated carbon (GAC)

People: Dr. Moustapha Harb (advisor), Dr. Adam L. Smith, Ms. Noel Ermer (student), and Ms. Christelle BouNehme Sawaya (student)

in Civil Engineering


Upgraded SemIndex Prototype supporting Intelligent Database Keyword Queries through Disambiguation, Query As You Type, and Parallel Search Algorithms

People: Joe Tekli (Advisor), Richard Chbeir (collaborator), Agma J.M. Traina (collaborator), Caetano Traina Jr. (collaborator), Kokou Yetongnon (collaborator), Carlos Raymundo Ibanez (collaborator), and Christian Kallas (student)

in Electrical and Computer Engineering

PIN prototype for Intelligent Nutrition Assessment and Meal Planning

People: George Salloum (student), Elie Semaan (student), and (advisor) Joe Tekli

in Electrical and Computer Engineering

MUSE prototype for Music Sentiment Expression

People: Ralph Abboud (student), and (advisor) Joe Tekli

in Electrical and Computer Engineering




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