LAU School of Engineering Newsletter - January 2021

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Michael Haddad and Ambassador Shea at LAU 

December 21, 2020


LAU Scientists Recognized Among Top 2 Percent Worldwide

 November 27, 2020


Society of Petroleum Engineers Win First Place in Abu Dhabi

October 26, 2020


C.A.T. International Shows Incredible Support to LAU’s Engineering Students

October 26, 2020


LAU Faculty Forges Lasting Partnership with BMW

 July 07, 2020 


Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Nabil Nehme elected Director of IISE Engineering Economy Division Board

 May 15, 2020 


Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Caesar Abi Shdid elected fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers

April 28, 2020


In the Media


Michael Haddad and Ambassador Shea at LAU

Published by the U.S. Embassy in Beirut on January 29, 2021 


LAU Engineering houses some of the most sophisticated Labs in MENA

Published by BBC News Arabic, on September 15, 2020 (filmed on October 17, 2019)


Scientific Research and the Immigration of Arab Brains

Published by BBC Arabic on August 27, 2019


Computer System Composes Music that is Difficult to Distinguish from Human Compositions

 Published by BBC Arabic, on March 9, 2019


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