School of Engineering

Department of ECE



Chadi Abou Rjeily

Associate Professor

Ph.D. 2006, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, France
DEA 2003, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, France
B.E. 2002, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Wissam Fawaz

Associate Professor

Ph.D. 2006, University Paris 13, France
DEA 2002, Université Paris VI, France
B.E. 2001, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Raymond Ghajar

Professor and Associate Dean

Ph.D. 1993, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
M.S. 1987, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
B.S. 1983, University of Ottawa, Canada

Harag Margossian

Assistant Professor

Dual Ph.D. 2015, University of Leuven, Belgium, and University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
M.S. 2010, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
B.E. 2008, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Zahi Nakad

Associate Professor and ECE Chair

Ph.D. 2003, Virginia Tech, USA
M.S. 2000, Virginia Tech, USA
B.E. 1998, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

George E. Nasr

Professor and Dean

Ph.D. 1988, University of Kentucky, USA
M.S. 1985, University of Kentucky, USA
B.S. 1983, University of Kentucky, USA

Iyad Ouaiss

Associate Professor

Ph.D. 2002, University of Cincinnati, USA
B.S. 1994, University of Cincinnati, USA

Samer Saab


Ph.D. 1992, University of Pittsburgh, USA
M.A. 1990, University of Pittsburgh, USA
M.S. 1989, University of Pittsburgh, USA
B.S. 1988, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Dani Tannir

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. 2010, McGill University, Canada.
M.Eng 2006, McGill University, Canada.
B.Eng 2004, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Joe M. Tekli

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. 2009, University of Bourgogne - LE2I UMR-CNRS, France
M.S. 2006, University of Bourgogne - LE2I UMR-CNRS, France
M.E. 2005, Antonine University, Lebanon


Charbel Kadi

Engineering Lab Supervisor

Andrea Jamhour

Lead Academic Assistant

Toni Mezher

Engineering Lab Senior Technician

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