Quick Facts



In the academic year 2022–2023, the LAU School of Engineering had 1,289 students distributed as follows:

Academic year 2022–2023 Students
BE in Civil Engineering 123
BE in Computer Engineering 291
BE in Electrical Engineering 81
BE in Industrial Engineering 227
BE in Mechanical Engineering 269
BE in Mechatronics Engineering 183
BE in Petroleum Engineering 56
Total 1,230


In the academic year 2021–2022, 269 students graduated with BE degrees:

Academic year 2021–2022 Students
BE in Civil Engineering 77
BE in Computer Engineering 41
BE in Electrical Engineering 11
BE in Industrial Engineering 50
BE in Mechanical Engineering 61
BE in Mechatronics Engineering 14
BE in Petroleum Engineering 15
Total 269

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Career Outcomes

Our programs are contemporary and cater to trends in market needs. According to the 2018–2019 data, the school of engineering has a success employment rate of 70% a year after graduation and 17% for graduates currently attending graduate school.


The school is proactive in helping students find internships and jobs so that they launch their careers with confidence.