LAU Discover Engineering Summer Camp

LAU Discover Engineering Summer Camp

Design and manufacture a part in our makerspace.
Dig into the action in our drilling simulation lab.
Take a ride in the unique driving simulator.
Explore our experimental fluid dynamics lab.
Build and manipulate robots and machines in our exclusive mechatronics lab.

Camp Objectives:

The LAU Engineering Summer Camp is designed to initiate high school students to engineering. It will provide a firsthand experience that will help them make better informed decisions regarding their future careers.

Participants will be introduced to eight different engineering majors through hands-on projects and activities in mechanical, industrial, electrical, computer, mechatronics, civil, petroleum and chemical engineering.

The camp will allow students to:

Eligibility Requirement:

High school students who have completed Grade 10 or Grade 11 are eligible to participate in the Discover Engineering summer camp.


Engineering Labs and Research Center, Byblos Campus

Deadline for Registration:

Applications will be received until Friday June 2, 2023. Capacity per session is limited.

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