“Introduction to Waste Incineration”

Engineering Auditorium, Byblos campus

The Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Department is organizing a lecture titled: “Introduction to Waste Incineration Associated Pollutants & Reduction Techniques.”

The lecture will be conducted by Dr. Ziad Habib.


Since years, waste management is moving away from landfill and focusing on resource reycling. Consequently, waste incineration is more dedicated to ultimate residue and to non-recyclables. Incineration can be an adapted solution to reduce waste volume when land is scarce. However, when not conducted under best practices, waste incineration is a problem, not a solution :

  • Waste incineration produces pollutants streams which require special treatment to prevent hazardous impact on health and on environment
  • Even though incineration reduces waste mass by 70%; it produces residue which have to be managed accordingly

This presentation is intended to bring basic facts on waste incineration: technology, associated pollutants and reduction techniques. It also brings insight on waste incineration under EU standards; in dedicated incinerators and in high temperature industrial process.

Biography :

Dr. Ziad Gabriel Habib is currently Corporate Director Process Development in an international industrial group, world leader in his sector. Expert in pyroprocessing, he is responsible of developing energy and air emissions solutions especially when using alternative waste fuels. Habib holds a Doctorate in Energetics from University of Rouen-France. He has a long track record in combustion science & technology both academic and industrial in Europe and in the USA. He conducted part of his research as visiting professor at Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, California-USA, a world class laboratory in combustion science. Before joining the energy intensive industry in 1990 as senior process engineer then as R&D Director, Habib was assistant professor at INSA-Rouen, energy department, in charge of process engineering courses.