Air Quality in Lebanon: State and Outlook

ENG 503, Byblos campus

 The department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering is organizing a lecture entitled “Air Quality in Lebanon: State and Outlook”, conducted by Ms. Capricia Chabarekh.

Summary of the talk

The degradation of air quality in Lebanon, estimated at $170 million per year, is a growing environmental and public health concern. While urban air quality in some industrialized countries has improved in recent decades, the problem persists in Lebanon. Ms. Capricia Chabarekh, Environmental and Air Quality Specialist at ECODIT Liban (Environmental Consulting firm) will describe the drivers of change affecting ambient air quality in the country, the current situation of air pollution, major national responses to air pollution issues and air quality improvement opportunities in the future.

Biography of the author

Ms. Chabarekh has 4 years of professional experience in environmental monitoring and analysis in Lebanon and France. She holds a MS degree from Paris 12 University (France) in Environmental Engineering and is specialized in Atmosphere and Air Quality. Ms. chabarekh was the lead author on Chapter 4 - Air Quality - of the 2010 State and Trends of the Lebanese environment prepared by ECODIT to the Lebanese Ministry of Environment and UNDP.

Event organizer: Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering