“Knowledge Unlocked” School of Engineering (SOE) TeleTech Series - Gamification in Learning: Can Learning be Fun?

Online Via Webex

In this webinar Dr. Ammouri talks about gamification in learning and how it can be used to motivate students to learn. By moving away from the conventional assignments, gamification focuses on teaching the students the required experience without being afraid to fail. The learning experience in Dr. Ammouri’s course will be demonstrated and its impact on the learning process will be discussed.

Dr. Ammouri is a practice lecturer at the Industrial and Mechanical Engineering department at LAU. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has published more than 50 manuscripts in refereed journals and conferences. Dr. Ammouri has extensive hands-on experience in instrumentation, programming, modeling and product development and is known for delivering innovative solutions to challenging engineering problems.

Since joining LAU in 2013, Dr. Ammouri he has been an advocate for eLearning and the usage of technology in education. He was one of the first faculty fellows at the Center of Innovative Learning at LAU where he developed a new Blended-Learning course with integrated gamification.

This webinar is part of our free “Knowledge Unlocked” Webinar Series.

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