Job Interview Guide for Your Future


Join Mr. Khaled Tayara, the Senior Expert in HR Management and Organizational Development, for an online session to learn more about how you can ace your job interview and secure the job of your dreams. 
Learning objectives:
This workshop can help you prepare for your important interview day by:  
  • Identifying YOUR TARGET
    Companies like candidates who know what they want from a job. They are also impressed with someone who has done research before arriving at the interview.
  • Knowing YOURSELF
    During an interview, your job is to sell yourself, so you need to know your skills well enough to do this effectively. Connecting your skills with the company’s needs is the best way to get hired.
    Not forgetting how to sell yourself as a person is the most important thing to do. Most organizations want honest, smart, friendly, motivated and responsible employees. Do you deal well with people? Are you smart and conscientious? Self-motivated? 
  • Practicing for the Competencies required in the future 
    To what extent are the following competencies important for your future work-related success? Are you prepared to answer during the interview and give the right example related to these competencies  ?
    How would you position your talent and skills facing the Organization’s culture , team practices , and new job requirements in the future ? 
Over the past 25 years, Khaled Tayara has built a career in HR in different capacities, polishing corporate experience at both national and multinational enterprises, co founding the Human Resources Association of Lebanon and teaching the subject at several reputable academic institutions across the country.
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