Evan Fakhoury

Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the LAU Industrial Hub

Office: Bassil 403
Extension: 2476

Office Hours:
MW 10:00-11:00 (LAU, Beirut)
TR 10:0-11:30 (LAU, Byblos)

Research interests

My research interests include investigation of the human-computer interaction in robotic training systems, the integration of vision and touch feedback in virtual environments and the computational and experimental modeling of linear and non-linear materials that simulate human tissue behavior. My current research topics can be placed under the umbrella of computational modeling and experimental design. Over the past year, I have collaborated with researchers in the fields of mechatronics, biomedical engineering, and affective engineering to design and develop a robotic system capable of generating and augmenting the haptic properties of human tissue. The system was used to explore a novel concept referred to as ‘pseudo-haptics’ in which visual information is manipulated to generate, augment, and modify touch sensations in robotic haptic feedback systems. A concept I wish to further investigate during my time at LAU.

Selected publications


  1. E. Fakhoury, P. Culmer, and B. Henson, “The Effect of Vision on Discrimination of Compliance Using a Tool”, International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, vol. 30, no. 11, pp. 882–890, 2014.


  1. E. Fakhoury, P. Culmer, and B. Henson, “ The Impact of Visual Cues on Haptic Compliance Discrimination Using a Pseudo-Haptic Robotic System,” in IEEE International Conference  on Robotics and Biomimetics (Robio), IEEE, 2017.
  2. E. Fakhoury, P. Culmer, and B. Henson, “The Effect of Indentation Force and Displacement on Visual Perception of Compliance,” in World Haptics Conference (WHC), 2015 IEEE, 2015, pp. 88–93.

Academic Degrees

PhD,Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 2016
MSc, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 2011
BE,Mechanical Engineering, Lebanese American University, Lebanon, 2010

Professional Memberships

Member of IEEE, PacLab research group, Surgical Technologies research group.