Gilbert Accary

Associate Professor

Office: Bassil 408
Extension: 2794

Office Hours:
MTWR 11:00-12:00

Research interests

  • Research Field: Wildfire modeling
  • Research project: GOLIAT - Developing tools for fire fighting and land use planning 

Selected publications

  1. D. Morvan, G. Accary, S. Meradji, N. Frangieh. Fifty years of progress in wildland fire modelling: from empirical to fully physical CFD models, C. R. Mécanique 350, 1-9, 2022.
  2. N. Frangieh, G. Accary, J-L. Rossi, D. Morvan, S. Meradji, T. Marcelli, F-J. Chatelon. Fuelbreak effectiveness against wind-driven and plume-dominated fires: A 3D numerical study, Fire Safety Journal 124, 103383, 2021.
  3. N. Frangieh, G. Accary, D. Morvan, S. Méradji, O. Bessonov. Wildfires front dynamics: 3D structures and intensity at small and large scales, Combustion and Flame 211, 54-67, 2020.
  4. G. Accary, D. Sutherland, N. Frangieh, K. Moinuddin, I. Shamseddine, S. Meradji, D. Morvan. Physics-based simulations of flow and fire development downstream of a canopy, Atmosphere 11(7), 683, 2020
  5. D. Morvan, G. Accary, S. Meradji, N. Frangieh, O. Bessonov. A 3D physical model to study the behavior of vegetation fires at laboratory scale, Fire Safety Journal 101, 39-52, 2018.

Academic Degrees

PhD, Fluid Mechanics, University of the Mediterranean, France, 2005
ME, Fluid Mechanics, Centrale Nantes, France, 2002
BE, Mechanical Engineering, Lebanese University, Lebanon, 2001

Professional Membership

  • Member of the International Association of Wildland Fire
  • Member of the Order of Engineers & Architects of Lebanon