Nissrine El Hassan

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: Bassil 203
Extension: 2851

Office Hours:
TW 11:00–12:00 
or by appointment

Research interests

Dr. El Hassan is designing inorganic nanomaterials and using them as catalysts for methane-related reactions: dry reforming of methane, combined steam and dry reforming of methane, methanation, and methane decomposition. She is tailoring the textural and Physico-chemical properties of these materials at the nanometric level to improve their catalytic performances in the valorization of natural gas and carbon dioxide as well as for the conversion of solid waste into energy. In addition to the experimental works on catalytic materials and reactions, Dr. El Hassan is recently working on thermodynamic simulations of reactions used for clean energy production.
Dr. El Hassan is interested in the extension of catalyst design to hydrocarbons conversion into COx-free hydrogen, production of carbon nanotubes, and in one-pot cascade processes for sustainable biomass valorization into fuels. Dr. El Hassan will apply these nanomaterials in water purification and air pollution abatement.

Selected publications

  1. L. Karam, M. C. Bacariza, J.M. Lopes, C. Henriques, J. Reboul, N. El Hassan, P. Massiani
    Mesoporous nickel-alumina catalysts derived from MIL-53(Al) metal-organic framework: A new promising path for synthesizing CO2 methanation catalysts
    Journal of CO2 utilization, 51(2021), 101651
  2. L. Karam, A. Miglio, S. Specchia, N. El Hassan, P. Massiani and J. Reboul
    PET waste as organic linker source for the sustainable preparation of MOF-derived methane dry reforming catalysts.
    Materials Advances, 2(2021), 2750-2758.
  3. M. N. Kaydouh, N. El Hassan, A. Davidson and P. Massiani
    Optimization of Synthesis Conditions of Ni/SBA-15 Catalysts: Confined Nanoparticles and Improved Stability in Dry Reforming of Methane.
    Catalysts, 11(2021), 44.
  4. O. Daoura, G. Fornasieri, M. Boutros, N. El Hassan, P. Beaunier, C. Thomas, M. Selmane, A. Miche, C. Sassoye, O. Ersen, W. Baaziz, P. Massiani, A. Bleuzen and F. Launay
    One-pot prepared mesoporous silica SBA-15-like monoliths with embedded Ni particles as selective and stable catalysts for methane dry reforming
    Applied Catalysis B: environmental, 280 (2021) 119417-119430
  5. L. Karam, M. Armandi, S. Casale, V. El Khoury, B. Bonelli, P. Massiani and N. El Hassan
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    Energy Conversion and Management, 225 (2020) 113470-113485
  6. L. Karam, M. C. Bacariza, J. M. Lopes, C. Henriques, P. Massiani, N. El Hassan
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    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 45, 53 (2020) 28626-28639
  7. O. El Samrout, L. Karam, K. Jabbour, P. Massiani, F. Launay, N. El Hassan
    Investigation of new routes for the preparation of mesoporous calcium oxide supported nickel materials used as catalysts for methane dry reforming reaction
    Catalysis Science and Technology, 10 (2020) 6910-6922
  8. L. Karam, J. Reboul, S. Casale, P. Massiani, N. El Hassan
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    ChemCatChem, 12 (2019) 373-385
  9. L. Karam and N. El Hassan
    Advantages of mesoporous silica based catalysts in methane reforming by CO2 from kinetic perspective
    Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 6 (2018) 4289–4297
  10. L. Karam, S. Casale, H. El Zakhem, N. El Hassan
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    Journal of CO2 utilization 17 (2017) 119-124
  11. K. Jabbour, P. Massiani, A. Davidson, S. Casale, N. El Hassan
    Ordered mesoporous “one-pot” synthesized Ni-Mg(Ca)-Al2O3 as effective and remarkably stable    catalysts for combined steam and dry reforming of methane (CSDRM)
    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 201 (2017) 527-542
  12. N. El Hassan, M.N. Kaydouh, H. Geagea, H. El Zein, K. Jabbour, S. Casale, H. El Zakhem, P. Massiani
    Low temperature dry reforming of methane on rhodium and cobalt based catalysts: Active phase stabilization by confinement in mesoporous SBA-15
    Applied Catalysis A: General 520 (2016) 114–121
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  14. M. N. Kaydouh, N. El Hassan, A. Davidson, S. Casale, H. El Zakhem, P. Massiani
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    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 220 (2016) 99-109
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  16. N. El Hassan, A. Davidson, P. Da Costa, G. Djéga-Mariadassou
    Methane activation by NO2 on Co loaded SBA-15 catalysts: Effect of mesopores (length, diameter) on residence time and activity
    Catalysis Today (2008), 137, 191-196
  17. L. Delannoy, N. El Hassan, A. Musi, N. Nguyen Le To, J.-M. Krafft, C. Louis
    Preparation of supported gold nanoparticles by a modified incipient wetness impregnation method.   
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  18. I. Lopes, N. El Hassan, H. Guerba, G. Wallez, A. Davidson.   
    Size - induced structural modifications affecting Co3O4 nanoparticles patterned in SBA-15 silicas.    
    Chemistry of Materials (2006), 18(25), 5826-5828

Academic degrees

PhD. Chemical Process Engineering, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI (now Sorbonne Université), France, 2008
M.S. Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis, Combustion and Modeling: applied to hydrocarbons, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI (now Sorbonne Université), France, 2004
Maïtrise-ès Sciences, Chemistry, Lebanese University, Lebanon, 2003