NoQ Cart: A Smart Shopping System

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there is a strong need to ensure minimal human interaction, especially in supermarkets. The project aims at providing asolution for customers in a supermarket by ensuring a smart and efficient shopping experience with minimal human interaction. The implemented solution, NoQ Cart, is a smart shopping system that can completely replace the old shopping carts and upgrade the user’s shopping experience. This device allows users to get the optimum route with the least carts, using a mapping algorithm, where they can purchase all their shopping list items, and auto-check after scanning the different items they purchased using the electronic cart. A solid and reliable security system is embedded in the NoQ Cart, and different scenarios were taken into consideration to prevent theft, using machine learning and computer vision. The customers interact with the NoQ Cart using an application on a tablet attached to the cart. This application updates the bill dynamically,allows the clients to check-out, and ensures communication between the cart’s data and the supermarket’s security system.  Moreover, an automatic push assist system was added to the NoQ Cart, in order to solve one of the main problems the users face when dealing with a heavy cart. Finally, a charging system was designed, in order to charge the carts when they are docked together.

Project Details