A smart Alzheimer friendly enviornment - SAFE

The increased growth of the aging population as well as the prominence of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) within the area of healthcare has led to emerging technologies that offer support to patients in performing their everyday tasks. Although the existing solutions help patients and caregivers in overcoming some of the challenges they face, yet, they don’t deliver the tools needed for Alzheimer’s patients to live independently. The aim of the Smart Alzheimer Friendly Environment (SAFE), developed in this capstone design project, is to provide Alzheimer’s patients with the necessary tools and devices that can enhance their welfare by monitoring among others, their behavior, namely their sleeping habits and repetitive actions to cite a few. The so-called SAFE architecture defined in this capstone design project aims primarily at: 1) seamlessly gathering data pertaining to the patient, and then 2) processing the data through an autonomous agent in such a way as to improve the quality of life of the monitored patient.

Project Details