A.B.T- Automated Bartender

The automated bartender “A.B.T.” is a machine that eliminates the need for a human bartender or expertise in mixing cocktails by automating the process of preparation. The user or customer is greeted by an electrical appliance, and interacts with a user interface embedded in the machine or a web app accessed through a mobile device, through which he selects the cocktail he feels like having and the drink is automatically mixed and served to him. A high quality of preparation and mixing is provided by the machine as well as added functionality such as drink layering. The appliance also ensures certain standards, such as safety by abstaining from serving the customer if the customer is deemed to have a high alcohol blood concentration through a breath analyzer test the customer is expected to take before being served, hygiene by having the machine easily disassembled for cleaning and portability by making the machine as small and as lightweight as possible. The appliance ensures superior customer service without the need of employing staff. The appliance as well can be equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a later stage that makes beverage suggestions to regular customers as the software design provides the required infrastructure to support it.

Project Details