Automated CNC Machine

Computer  Numerical  Control  CNC  machining  is  a  manufacturing  process  where  plant tools and machinery are controlled by programmed computer software. A CNC machine uses programmed commands to work automatically without the need of a human operator. The market for CNC machines is on the rise, especially the combination with automation capacities that are proving to be invaluable for manufacturing operators. To answer the market demand, an entirely automated system was designed where users could realize the parts needed without advanced knowledge in computer aided machining. This process is achieved  with  the  help  of  a  smart  warehouse  system,  a  robotic  arm,  and  a  4-axis  CNC machine. The desired part is defined either by its corresponding computer aided design or by scanning the actual object using a camera. The system will automatically choose the appropriate  workpiece,  efficiently  machine  the  part,  and  then  promptly  deliver  it  to  the user.

Please click here to view the video of the project demonstration.

Project Details