Check My Heart”- A Remote ECG Connectivity Solution for the LRC

With the increasing hype in developing smart and portable health care solutions, there is a strong need for practical devices that perform prehospital electrocardiogram (ECG) capture and analysis, helping to detect heart anomalies at an early stage of the patient’s life. The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC)’s first responders use a typical portable ECG device which provides accurate measurements yet does not allow any connectivity with other devices or platforms. In this context, the LRC has highlighted the need to connect their ECG devices with LRC headquarters or hospitals, so that the measured ECGs are displayed and analyzed on the fly by medical officers stationed at the headquarters/hospitals, providing support and helping the first responders make better decisions in the field. The project presented in this report aims at providing the Lebanese Red Cross with a solution that helps satisfy their ECG connectivity requirements. The suggested solution is a possible upgrade or replacement to the current ECG devices used in LRC ambulances. The proposed device detects the signal from the user’s body using electrodes, amplifies the signal, and filters out the noise. Then, a microcontroller reads the signal and transmits it to a server for storage, solving the problem of transmission and storage. This server interacts with a dedicated Web Application allowing its user (the headquarters’ medical officer, or the first responder) to visualize the ECG of the patient and various extracted features. The application will also display possible diagnosis of the patient by analyzing those features and feeding them into a dedicated machine learning (classifier) agent.

Project Details