Design of passenger boarding process using 4.0 technologies to eliminate wait time at the gate

Airports around the world are constantly implementing new digital initiatives geared towards automating processes through passenger engagement with the goal of improving commercial and technical efficiency.

This project focuses on the passenger handling system within the concourse/gate area and the use of digital technologies, data science, and process innovation to make the travel experience of passengers going through this area seamless, wait-free, and care free while ensuring that the airport functions and revenues are optimized.

More specifically, the project involve the design of a digitized and fully automated boarding process that dispatches passengers to their respective gates based on their current activity and location in the terminal, and using attributes like seat number, class, age, special needs, etc., The new process objectives are to 1) optimize airport functions and revenues , 2) minimize delays resulting from lengthy boarding processes, and 3) eliminate waiting time in queue at the gate, while abiding by all relevant safety and passengers handling codes.

The new process should capitalize on existing technologies (SSTs, mobile, sensors, barcode, RFID, etc.) to determine the location and activity of passengers and to communicate with passengers timely and as needed relevant information about departure times and times to head to gate.

The new process should minimize contact with surfaces, interactions with airline and airport staff, and meet all other health safety measures and codes, as well as optimize resource and space utilization.

Project Details