Digital Piano Tutor

Learning to play the piano as a musical novice is a challenge for multiple reasons, including the difficulty in learning music notation, acquiring a musical ear, acquiring a sense of hythm and timing, as well as leaning the correct hand techniques. Various solutions have been developed to simplify the process of learning to play the piano. Most of them work as a quick help to learn a specific song, while few truly offer a well-supported experience that amounts to training self-sufficient musicians. This project aims at developing a digital piano tutor solution, to provide a hands-on practice experience in learning the instrument. The developed product is a combined hardware-and-software solution consisting of a device that seamlessly connects the piano keys with special buttons which are fed into a microcontroller. The microcontroller generates MIDI signals and sends them to a processing unit which checks the played notes against the stored musical sheet. The processing is simultaneously visualized in a dedicated Graphical User Interface (GUI), providing life feedback to the trainees, allowing them to develop their playing skills bit by bit, while emphasizing the importance of reading musical notation. We hope our project helps simplify the task of learning to play the piano and encourages more people to learn the instrument.

Project Details