Heat Exchanger with thermal energy storage

The intermittent nature of renewable energy resources (mainly solar energy) necessitates the development of storage systems to extend the working period of the system and therefore enhance its efficiency. Thermal storage systems can be sensible or latent. However, the constant temperature phase change process in latent thermal storage systems makes them more favorable than their sensible counterparts.

Latent storage systems usually consist of a phase change material (PCM) which undergoes a cycle of 2 processes. During charging process, the PCM absorbs heat from a heat transfer fluid (HTF) and changes phase from solid to liquid. This process is followed by a discharge during which the PCM releases its heat back to the HTF and re-solidifies. PCMs suffer from a low thermal conductivity making the heat extraction/addition to them hard.

The main aim of this project is to design a shell and tube heat exchanger (STHX) with PCM. Fins will be employed to enhance the performance and overcome the low thermal conductivity of the PCM.

Project Details