Indoor Navigation System

While the Global Positioning System (GPS) has enabled fast and reliable outdoor navigation, it lacks the necessary capabilities for it to be used indoors. With buildings increasing more and more in size, it is becoming very difficult for one to locate him/herself inside a building and navigate to a specific destination. 
The aim of the Indoor Navigation System (INS) is to provide an indoor navigation solution which can be adapted to different large indoor spaces where navigation would be needed. The use cases of the system include stadiums, malls and large offices. The INS uses Infrared technology in a mesh configuration to track the user indoors and provide him with his current location along with potential destination and instructions on how to get there. In this project, we will deal with engineering problems such as accurate position tracking, collision avoidance when using wireless transmission, data separation between different wireless transmitters, terrain mapping and intelligent routing algorithms. The final product will be a set of transmitter nodes installed in rooms across the building, along with a tag that the user carries around his/her neck which will connect to the user’s phone to allow him to interact with the system and get navigation instructions. 

Project Details