Smart  assistants  have  become  a tool  used  in  the  daily  life  of  the  average  human,  be  it  to  set reminders,  find  their  way through  traffic or play  music.  Tech giants  have been battling  over the propagation  of their  ecosystems  with  the integration  of  all  their  products  with  their  own  smart assistants. Anyone  can do anything  to everything  from anywhere using  voice commands  thanks  to the technology  of smart assistants. However,  often  forgotten  are  people  with  disabilities  such  as  aphasia  and  ALS  patients  amongst  others  who  are unable  to express themselves  properly  due to  their  disabilities. NeuraHaus is a smart assistant designed  to offer  support  for  individua ls   with  special  needs  by  providing   a  brain-controlled   system  that analyzes  and  translates thoughts  into  digital  instructions. This  is  also  the  first  step  for  achieving  an interface  that  can  possibly  use  the full  potential of the  brain  including   direct  brain-data  manipulation,   in  humans  and  other  sentient  beings  that have been researched for years.

Project Details