Smart Travelling Bag

Mankind has been brilliantly solving daily issues that are being faced. During the decades, technology and innovation have taken over to evolve simple man made objects to complex robotic and smart utilities. 
The curiosity of the individual to discover this world has made traveling a great escape and has opened doors for jobs, sources of entertainments and education. Yet, many issues are faced by individuals when it comes to the act of traveling. The STB was designed to get rid of any implication one can face when wanting to travel. This bag alternates what the basic role of bag is defined to be. STB signifies to alter all the basic traveling bag roles and make it a more innovated and complex role. STB is designed to follow, catch up and be one’s very own identity bag. In short, this bag would diminish many hassles individuals have to go through when traveling, making this whole procedure a breeze. 

Project Details