Water Distillation System 2

During the chemical treatment of steel, multiple stages of rinsing with water are performed. The final rinsing stage is followed by hot air drying, where impurities in the water would adhere to the steel surface and cause bad painting quality at the final stage of the steel preparation. Therefore, Ghaddar Machinery Co. is currently using distilled water during the rinsing process. The company has access to water from a well, which suffers from varying amounts of minerals/impurities in different seasons. Therefore, a distillation process is required to make the well water suitable for usage in steel treatment. Water distillation systems usually demand a heat input in order to evaporate the water, which could be electric, solar… Since the company uses Diesel generators and burners with large amounts of high temperature exhaust gases, a heat recovery system could make use of this waste heat to evaporate water in the distillation system. The main aim of this project is to design, build and test the proposed distillation system.

Project Details