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  Date Title Presenter
1 April 6th 2024 Advanced DevOps and Cloud Computing Nicolas Khoury, EDT&Partners and LAU
2 June 2024 .Net 8 & Web APIs for Software Development Gilbert Jabbour, BMW Group
3 July 2024 Robotics Software Design and Best Practices Eddy Gharib, Idealworks
4 August 2024 Synthetic Data for Deep Learning Computer Vision Applications Anthony Yaghi, BMW Group
5 September 2024 Unlocking Robotics with ROS2: Programming and Simulation Dr. Noel Maalouf, LAU
6 November 2024 Computer Vision Applications: Real-Life and Industry Anthony Rizk, Idealworks

Upcoming Workshop

Advanced DevOps and Cloud Computing Concepts
Advanced DevOps, Microservices, and Amazon Web Services Concepts and Use Cases

Date: Saturday April 6th 2024

Location: LAU, Byblos Campus



Nicolas El Khoury
Global Director of Technology at EDT&Partners
Lecturer at Lebanese American University (LAU)

Mr. El Khoury is an accomplished Computer Engineer and an established figure in the domains of DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure, and Software Engineering. As the Global Director of Technology at EDT&Partners, Mr. El Khoury leads the technical department dedicated to optimizing clients’ journeys on AWS. His past roles as DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, and Solutions Architect, reflect his expertise leading teams of developers and DevOps Engineers, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. Mr. El Khoury co-founded the AWS Beirut User Group, organizing and delivering numerous workshops and tutorials related to AWS. As a member of the AWS Community Builders, he has also contributed valuable articles on AWS for the global tech community. Mr. El Khoury’s impact extends to academia, where he serves as a Lecturer at the Lebanese American University. His dedication to advancing the field of technology is evident through a series of notable publications and his recent launch of a highly acclaimed course on Udemy. 

Workshop Schedule

Session 1  
11:00-11:05 (GMT+2) Welcome notes
11:05-11:10 (GMT+2) Speaker Introduction
11:10-11:30 (GMT+2) Introduction to DevOps, Microservices, and Cloud Computing
11:30-13:30 (GMT+2) DevOps, Microservices, and Cloud Computing: Essential Concepts
Multiple demos will be performed related to the deployment of websites and web applications on Virtual Machines, using Containers, and Container Orchestration Tools.
13:30-14:30 (GMT+2) Lunch break
Session 2  
14:30-15:00 (GMT+2) Production-ready Systems: DevOps Design Considerations
15:00-15:30 (GMT+2) Website Serverless Deployment
15:30-15:45 (GMT+2) Creation of a Highly Available Network Infrastructure
15:45-16:30 (GMT+2) Creation of Highly Available Database Cluster
16:30-17:00 (GMT+2) Highly Available Deployment of Backend Applications
17:00-17:15 (GMT+2) Coffee break
17:15-17:30 (GMT+2) Wrapping up

Workshop Description

  1. Participant outcomes: What will participants learn in the workshop?
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  1. Workshop description

The advancement of technology allowed for the digitization of almost everything in our lives. Education, Healthcare, Banking, Commerce, Gaming have all been made possible thanks to the internet, and the tools built around it. Building, delivering, and maintaining applications to serve those industries could no longer be properly accomplished using the traditional ways. Functionalities and use cases that need to be translated into technical realizations are becoming more complex. The success of the business is now highly dependent on a performant and efficient technical product, developed and maintained by a coherent team. DevOps, Microservices, and Cloud Computing are three of the most controversial topics that revolutionized the tech industry. When properly applied within an organization, these three tools aim to maximize the value of the technical product being developed, especially at scale:

Applying DevOps, Microservices, and Cloud Computing is now paramount for the healthy and successful continuity of a tech-based business. This workshop aims to demystify DevOps, Microservices, and Cloud Computing, allowing to:

The workshop is divided into the following main sections: