Course Descriptions

General Engineering course descriptions

GNE212 Engineering Mechanics [3-0, 3 cr.] This course covers the review of vector algebra, forces systems resultants, equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies, internal forces, kinematics and kinetics of particles, systems of particles and rigid bodies. Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing.

GNE301 Professional Communication [2-0, 2 cr.] This course covers the English language proficiency, business letter writing, memo writing, report presentation and writing, and the use of presentation software. Prerequisite: ENG202 Sophomore Rhetoric.

GNE303 Engineering Ethics [2-0, 2 cr.] This course explores ways to approach the moral decisions engineers encounter in their daily life, with the focus on critical thinking and the importance of integrity.  The course introduces the fundamental canon of ethics in engineering practices and the associated professional liabilities; promotes working on multidisciplinary teams; and considers the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental and societal context. Prerequisite: Second-year standing.

GNE305 Professional Ethics [1-0, 1 cr.] Introduce the fundamental canon of ethics in engineering practices and the associated professional liabilities. Reinforce the importance of safety as it relates to engineering design and implementation. The course involves teamwork researching a situation related to professional and ethical responsibilities. Prerequisites: Third year standing.

GNE331 Probability and Statistics [3-0, 3 cr.] This course covers set theory, probability axioms, random variables (RV), continuous and discrete probability density functions, distributions, operations on RV’s, sampling distributions, confidence intervals (single variable), hypothesis testing (single variable), linear regression (single variable), and non-linear regression. Prerequisite: MTH201 Calculus III.

GNE333 Engineering Analysis I [3-0, 3 cr.] This course covers vector spaces, matrix algebra, solution of linear systems with numerical applications, eigenvalues and eigenvectors and applications, nonlinear equations and systems with numerical solutions and numerical integration. Prerequisite: MTH201 Calculus III.

GNE334 Engineering Analysis II* [3-0, 3 cr.] This course covers vector-integral calculus, Gauss-Stokes theorem, introduction to partial differential equations, Fourier series and Fourier integral, and numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. Prerequisites: MTH204 Differential Equations, and GNE333 Engineering Analysis I

GNE335 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering [3-0, 3 cr.] Sustainable design and related topics such as environmental impact assessment methods, climate science, green building, life cycle analysis, and energy considerations. Principles of sustainability and their application to real world design and problem analysis within various fields of engineering. Prerequisites: GNE331 Probability and Statistics and INE320 Engineering Economy I

GNE340 Engineering Entrepreneurship [3-0, 3 cr.] Concepts and practices of technology entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurship. Business planning and fundamental knowledge on establishing start-up companies. Innovative projects implementation in large companies for process improvement and optimum efficiency. Prerequisite: Fourth-year standing

GNE798 Research Methods [3-0, 3 cr.] Methods to improve and develop research skills which Includes: principles of scientific research, ethics, writing skills, methods for compiling scientific literature, identification of research questions and specific hypotheses, presentation of research results, writing research papers, proposal preparation, preparation of grant proposals, thesis and dissertation. Pre-requisites: Graduate Standing