Civil Engineering

Minor in Construction Management

Minor in Construction Management
Administered by the Department of Civil Engineering

The minor in Construction Management (CM) is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in the construction industry. Students in this minor take courses that emphasize theories and applications of planning, managing, directing, organizing, and controlling construction operations. The CM Minor is a natural extension for students majoring in Architecture, Business, Civil / Mechanical / Electrical Engineering, and similar fields. This minor will assist students in developing a competitive edge in the job market. The CM minor also provides students in the School of Arts and Sciences with a unique opportunity to add a professional focus to their degrees.

Educational Objectives

A graduate with a minor in construction management shall be able to:

  1. Successfully apply business and management skills in positions within the construction industry.
  2. Manage a quality construction project from start to completion while maintaining budget, schedule, and safety requirements.
  3. Apply professional and ethical standards of behavior in dealing with stakeholders in the construction process.

Learning Outcomes

To prepare students for all phases of planning, operation, and management of a construction project including:

  1. Conduct accurate quantity surveys and prepare accurate cost estimates;
  2. Prepare detailed and reliable project schedule; and
  3. Manage contract execution including: cost control and safety management.