Petroleum Engineering Program

Course Requirements

Minor in Chemical Engineering Requirements

For a Minor in Chemical Engineering, a students must complete 18 credits: 9 core credits (12 for CIE) and 9 elective credits (6 for CIE). Only 9 transfer credits (6 for CIE) can be used toward a minor in Chemical Engineering, and they must be equivalent to courses in the minor. Transfer courses are subject to review by the program coordinator and subject matter expert. Prerequisite substitutions are subject to review and approval by the program coordinator.

Core Courses (12 Cr. for CIE and 9 Cr. for PTE and MEE)

Elective Courses (6 Cr. for CIE and 9 Cr. For PTE and MEE)

Other courses may be counted as elective courses upon the approval of the program coordinator.