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Edward Abi Ghosn Mobility Systems Lab

The Edward Abi Ghosn Mobility Systems Lab features a 4-cylinder automotive engine complete with instrumentation to study parameters such as torque, RPM, exhaust gas temperature, fuel consumption, inlet air flow rate, power, efficiency, etc.  An exhaust gas analysis kit allows student to study the emissions of the engine (CO, CO2, NOx).  The lab also houses two 1-cylinder engines (petrol and diesel) that can be connected to a dynamometer and control unit.   In addition, the lab includes a sectioned, electrically operated, 4-cylinder engine, which allows students to observe the operation of the engine’s internal parts.

Equipment Location
Computerized Automotive Engine Test Bed ELRC 4101
4-cylinder 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine ELRC 4101
4-Stroke Petrol Engine ELRC 4101
Kit for the Chemical Analysis of Exhaust Gases ELRC 4101
4-Stroke Petrol Engine ELRC 4101
4-Stroke Diesel Engine ELRC 4101
Dynamometer and Controller ELRC 4101
Sectioned 4-cylinder Automative Engine ELRC 4101
Reserved for Technical Electives
Reserved for Final Year Projects


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