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Thermal Engineering Lab

The Thermal Engineering Lab features a series of equipment on which various experiments can be performed to demonstrate the three basic modes of heat transfer ( conduction, convection and radiation), as well as heat exchanger units where several types of heat exchangers can be studied. Instrumentation is provided to allow the evaluation of the processes occurring in each heat exchanger.  The lab also includes an air conditioning laboratory unit, which allows students to investigate the measurement and calculation of all thermodynamic processes involved in the heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification of air, as well as the mixing of two air streams.  Other experiments can be conducted using a cooling tower. 

Equipment Location
Heat Transfer Service Unit ELRC4202
   Linear Heat Conduction Equipment ELRC 4202
   Radial Heat Conduction Equipment ELRC 4202
   Radiant Heat Transfer and Exchange Equipment ELRC 4202
   Combined Convection and Radiation Equipment ELRC 4202
   Extended Surface Heat Transfer Equipment ELRC 4202
   Unsteady State Heat Transfer Equipment ELRC 4202
Radiometer Sensor ELRC 4202
Heat Exchanger Service Unit ELRC 4202
   Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger ELRC 4202
   Plate Heat Exchanger ELRC 4202
   Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger ELRC 4202
   Jacketed Vessel Heat Exchanger ELRC 4202
Computer Controlled Heat Exchanger Service Unit ELRC 4202
   Cross Flow Heat Exchanger ELRC 4202
HVAC Laboratory Unit ELRC 4202
Computer Controlled Water Cooling Tower ELRC 4202

Heat Transfer MEE403
Heat Transfer Lab MEE404
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MEE 515
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab MEE 516
Reserved for Final Year Projects

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