Faculty Spotlight: Nabil Nehme

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor of Practice  at LAU  elected Director of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), Engineering Economy Division Board.


Assistant Professor of Practice in the Department of Industrial & Mechanical Engineering at LAU Dr. Nabil Nehme has been elected Director of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), Engineering Economy Division Board. The term for this service will start beginning June 2020.

During his tenure as assistant professor, Dr. Nehme has been dedicated to providing integrated perspective solutions to complex industrial and systems engineering problems.  Drawing on a unique background that includes 12 years’ experience in management consultancy and advising in Eastern Europe, MENA region, and China, Dr. Nehme aims to integrate academic theories and industrial applications in financial engineering. His expertise covers capital projects in development, infrastructure reform and PPP sectors, mainly for Transportation and Manufacturing Systems.

Prior to joining IISE, Dr. Nehme served on numerous review panels, technical committees and advisory boards of major management consulting organizations.  

IISE, established in 1948 and originally known in the US as the American Institute of Industrial Engineers, is the only international association that provides worldwide leadership for the education, training, research and development of industrial engineering.