Controls and Mechatronics Lab

The Controls and Mechatronics Lab features advanced instruments that allow students to design and experiment with controllers of mechanical or mechatronic machines. It features three categories of instrument: real-time controllers, robotics, and industrial pneumatic and hydraulic controllers. In this lab students may experiment with PID or other types of more advanced controllers using the advance NI C-RIO system, may design and code embedded PIC microprocessors or Siemens PLC units. They may also learn how to design and control robots or how to computer control pneumatic or hydraulic circuits.

Equipment Quantity Location
NI Robots with SB-RIO controllers 5 ELRC 5104
NI myRIO 42 ELRC 5104
cRIO real-time controller with several AO/AI/DIO modules 5 ELRC 5104
NI ELVIS II+ 10  ELRC 5104
Quanser QNET 780718-01DC Motor Control Board for NI ELVIS 5 ELRC 5104
Quanser QNET Rotary Inverted Pendulum Board for NI ELVIS 1 ELRC 5104
Quanser QNET HVAC Trainer Board for NI ELVIS 1 ELRC 5104
Emona HELEx Green Engineering Bundle for NI Elvis 1 ELRC 5104
Modal Analysis Kits (Electromechanical Shakers, Accelerometers, laser displacement sensors, and Impact Hammers)        ELRC 5104
FESTO PLC trainer ELRC 5104
FESTO Hydraulics trainer ELRC 5104
FESTO Electropneumatics trainer ELRC 5104
Real-time programmer for PIC Microcontrollers with Mechatroncis Demo Board 5 ELRC 5104
Automated Platform 1 ELRC 5104


Control Systems Lab MEE 446
Reserved for Final Year Projects