Experimental Fluid Dynamics Lab

The Experimental Fluid Dynamics Lab is a state of the art facility featuring a water channel with a working length of 5m and a working cross-section of 80 x 60 cm, in addition to Particle Image Velocimetry equipment, which allow students to visualize fluid structures.  The lab is also equipped with adequate facilities to help students understand the behavior of fluids, such as hydraulic benches, pumps, flow regime identification equipment, etc.

Equipment Quantity Location
Stereo PIV 1 ELRC 4204
YAG Laser 1 ELRC 4204
Water Channel 1 ELRC 4202
Wind Tunnel 1 ELRC 4105
Hydraulic Bench 4 ELRC 2206
Set of Weirs 4 ELRC 2206
Properties of Fluids Apparatus 1 ELRC 2206
Series and Parallel Pump Test Set 4 ELRC 2206
Venturi Meter 4 ELRC 2206
Flow Measurement Apparatus 3 ELRC 2206
Centrifugal Pump Test Rig 1 ELRC 2206
Reynold’s Number and Transitional Flow Apparatus 4 ELRC 2206
Losses in Piping System Apparatus 2 ELRC 2206