Instrumentation Lab

The Instrumentation Laboratory is an environment that helps students become familiar with machine instrumentation and measurement techniques. It features 20 computers equipped with data acquisition modules to which several types of sensors and actuators can be connected. The acquired data can be stored and/or analyzed using the LabVIEW software. Machine control decisions could be made and executed using several types of motors. This system also allows the students to develop their own virtual instruments.

Equipment Quantity Location
NI myRIO 42 ELRC 5103
NI ELVIS II+ 10  ELRC 5103
Variable Power Supply 10 ELRC 5103
Shielded I/O Connector Block for DAQ devices 12 ELRC 5103
Multifunctional Data Acquisition Card (PCI-6251) 12  ELRC 5103
Quanser QNET Mechatronics Sensors for NI ELVIS ELRC 5103
Module 32 channel multiplexer/ amplifier        ELRC 5103
Module 4 channel amplifier with excitation      ELRC 5103