Maker Space lab

[Needs the School Attention]

The Ergonomics Lab features equipment required for ergonomic design and analysis, as listed below.  In addition, the lab features 20 workstations equipped with DELMIA software enabling the students to perform digital human measurement, human building, human task analysis, human posture analysis and human activity analysis. 

Equipment Location
Anthropometric Kit ELRC 4103
Thermo-anemometer ELRC 4103
Sound Level Meter ELRC 4103
Light Meter ELRC 4103
Psychometer with IR thermometer ELRC 4103
Body Composition Monitor ELRC 4103
Distance Meter ELRC 4103
Baseline Hydraulic Dynamometer ELRC 4103
Heart Rate Meter    ELRC 4103
CO level meter  ELRC 4103
Moisture Meter  ELRC 4103
Electro-Magnetic Force meter  ELRC 4103
Vibrations and Acceleration meter  ELRC 4103
Torque Gauge ELRC 4103
Heat Stress Meter ELRC 4103
Industrial Stopwatch ELRC 4103












Human Cad Tools
Quik TS Design Tools






Ergonomics Lab INE 417
Computer Aided Design MEE 351