Reservoir Simulation Lab

This lab. is by far the most important lab for petroleum students, especially ones that want to get a true understanding of the Reservoir engineering aspect of petroleum engineering.

In this lab., a state-of-the-art core-flooding machine allows for simulation of waterflooding under reservoir pressure and temperature conditions. This is where the student learns about the permeability of rocks, relative permeability, contact angle based on formation surface, oil displacement, oil and water mobility. In addition, using the same equipment, gas can be injected to simulate gas injection into the reservoir. Other scenarios can be simulated, such as the first and the second migration of hydrocarbons.

This lab. includes other machines like the Helium Porosimeter that enables finding the porosity of rock formation. Other pieces of equipment are present for oil testing to be achieved and parameters such as the viscosity of oil can be deduced.

Not only that this lab. can serve educational purposes but can also provide the industry with accurate testing of their rock samples.