Student Organizations (Clubs)

LAU students can participate in clubs that hold student-led activities around the year. Here you will find a list of all active clubs and how to form new ones. As an LAU student, you can participate in any number of clubs — as many as your interests.

Of even more relevance to you: Engineering students have formed the following clubs that are affiliated with professional organizations.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Club:


The Artificial Intelligence Club:

Engineers Without Borders

The Engineers Without Borders Club:


The Institute of Industrial Engineers Club:

President: Thea Saad
Vice President: Hiba Rahme
Secretary: Serge Haddad
Treasurer: Jean Bou Habib


This club is inactive. Would you like to reactivate it? Get in touch with the Student Life Office.

The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Club:


The American Society for Civil Engineers Club:

President: Mery Derjani
Vice President: Hisham Kraitem
Secretary: Makram Fares
Treasurer: Elias Salameh

Petroleum Engineering

The Petroleum Engineering Club engages LAU petroleum engineering students in major activities of relevance to their major.

President: Jana Shreiteh
Vice President: Catherine El Riachi
Secretary: Omar Bekdache
Treasurer: Karim Salaheddine


The Robotics Club:

President: Ziad Kassab
Vice President: Joe Issa
Secretary: Khaled Jalloul
Treasurer: Jinan Ali


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Club:

President: Mark El Agha
Vice President: Lynn El Khoury
Secretary: Josee Rizkallah
Treasurer: Carole Mansour


The Association of Energy Engineers Club:

President: Karim Ghamrawi
Vice President: Mohammad Saifan
Secretary: Mariella Mansour
Treasurer: Bahaa Hajir

Logistics Automation

Students interested in Logistics Automation activities being developed in the BMW Group.
The Logistics Automation Club:

President: Michael Al Assaad
Vice President: Anthony Semaan
Secretary: Maria Hanna
Treasurer: Paul El Kouba

Developer Student

The Developer Student club:

President: Reem Shehayib
Vice President: Jad Balout
Secretary: Nour Mikhael
Treasurer: Anas Honeini