Augmented Operation Room

“Not all heroes wear capes”, some of them wear gowns. Physicians are our real-life superheroes, and they are facing many difficulties that can be alleviated. There are many issues a physician faces in the conditions of their operating room and in their tough education. With major advancements in Augmented Reality (AR) technology and applications today, we tackle the idea of designing an AR-powered system that can help physicians better communicate and coordinate their tasks in the operating room, and provide an interesting means of education for junior surgeons. Our system, titled Augmented Operating Room, will allow on-premises physicians conducting a surgery to share their live view in AR with remote physicians outside of the operating room, and allow the latter to provide their feedback through interactive and immersive AR functionality to provide the needed assistance and advice. Additionally, these point-of-view streams can be saved for future references and for educational purposes. We hope that this solution will reduce the amount of people in the surgery room, and save physicians critical time during tough operations, in turn helping them save lives. 

Project Details